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Bombay Street – 50 Years Ago

The summer of 2019 brought the world a number of commemorations: the 50th Anniversary of the first moon landing and the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock.  A few short weeks after man first set foot on the moon, over a half million young men and women spent four days showing the world that they could get together for a concert in Bethel, New York. They camped on Max Yasgur’s farm in an atmosphere of peace and love…..the rest is history.

In 1969 there were no 24 hour news channels, no internet, no smart phones and no social media. 3,161 miles away from Bethel, NY on August 14th and August 15th loyalists burned down Bombay Street in Belfast.

  • 5 men and 2 boys were killed
  • 133 people were shot and wounded
  • 400 Catholic homes and businesses were destroyed
  • 1500 Catholic families were forced to flee and leave their homes

Below is a link to a video “Eyewitness – The Burning of Bombay Street”. It is narrated by Father Patrick Egan of the Clonard Monastery and includes actual footage and interviews in the aftermath of the attack.


Ballymurphy Massacre – 48 Years Ago

Over two days, August 9th – August 11th in 1971, the British Para Regiment opened fire and killed 11 innocent people in Ballymurphy.  After 48 years of denial, cover ups and delays by the British government, the families are finally having the inquest they have waited so long and fought so hard to get. September 2nd will be the 26th week in Belfast Court of the inquest. Day in and day out John Teggart, Carmel Quinn and the families of loved ones lost have tirelessly come to court seeking the truth so that justice can be served. “The Ballymurphy Precedent” is an excellent documentary that is available for rental ($2.99) on Amazon Prime Video.

Bob Bollbach

Freedom For All Ireland

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